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One of the services we offer at FrogSmart.com is custom programming. And one major programming feature we can offer you is CGI.

CGI, or "Common Gateway Interface," is the most common way Webservers and users interact dynamically. CGI transfers information between a Webserver and a CGI program, which is any program designed to take in and put out data, written in any programming language, and possible to include in the coding of a Website with one copied line of HTML.

We've designed various sorts of CGI for our end-users, but the most popular one by far is the FrogSmart.com Shopping Cart , which is offered as part of our E-commerce Package.

The Shopping Cart is typical of CGI. With only one line of HTML code, the merchant imports a program that tracks the customer's order, helps the merchant upsell a customer by retaining that customer's information in a secure database, and processes payments through a third party, or through the merchant's own credit-card system. And because it's a Frogsmart CGI script, the usual Shopping Cart security issues are non-existent - we do not rely on cookies or Javascript for our CGI.

No matter what your website is about, FrogSmart.com can help you design it with low-bandwidth, fast-loading CGI scripts. We put reliability and portability first: creating a solid foundation under a Website is far more important than gratuitously overloading it with the latest and showiest bells and whistles. It puts you significantly ahead of much of the competition, whose visitors have to put up with sever crashes, browser incompatibility, and "Plugin Not Installed". If you have a complex or program-oriented site, a reliable CGI script designed to fit your unique needs is a very important part of your Website, and no matter what sort of site you have, another large part is letting you access your Website from any computer or browser, 24/7, without delays. This way, if you're away from home, you can still take care of site-related matters efficiently.

For more information, please fill out and submit this form, email us, or call us at 1-800-387-7413. We'll get back to you about the price and type of services that are right for you. This is a no-obligation information request.

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