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At FrogSmart.com, we offer domain parking and hosting for any number of domains, from 2 to 200,000.

Signpost and typo domains are encouraged. A "signpost domain" is one with a name that's similar to your own domain's name, and which redirects traffic to your other domain. Here's an example: If your name is Fred J. Smith, and you sell widgets, you might already own fredjsmithwidgets.com. For signpost domains, you might choose easternwidgets.com, westernwidgets.com, and midwestwidgets.com. This would give you three more distinct domains that could show up in web searches, in addition to directing anyone who wanted widgets on the coasts or in the midwest to your site. For typo domains, you might choose fredsmithwidgets.com, fredjsmithmwidjets.com, or ferdjsmithwidgets.com. These domains would ensure that despite typos or misspellings, potential customers would be able to access your website through multiple domain names. Typo domains allow you to retain this traffic instead of losing it to your competitors.

Multi-domain hosting packages start at $10 per month, and include hosting for up to two free additional signpost or typo domains that point to the primary domain. And all these domain names are yours to hang onto for life.

With our bulk packages, you can:

  • Create your own signpost and/or typo sites, and decide which of these domains will point to which other sites;
  • Create redirect site templates that are identical except for the domain name, so that you can create any number of similar signpost and/or typo sites;
  • View current listings online of which domains point where;
  • Have all subdomains under your domain redirect to your front page;
  • Have all URLs to non-existent pages on your Website (typed because of user error) also redirect to your front page, no an annoying "404 Not Found"; and
  • Stop throwing away all that misdirected traffic!

And you get:

  • Email forwarding for any user at any of those domains;
  • Unlimited FTP access, with fast and easy uploads;
  • Technical support by email;
  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • Up to 100MB of disk space; and
  • Up to 2GB per month high burstable traffic.

Our price is just $10.00 per month for three domains and one website, plus a $18.95 setup fee. Additional domains have monthly and setup fees of just $.99 each! We have a lot of experience in domain name selection and registration. We're more than willing to help you find, register and design the right domain and website for you.

Feel free to inquire about:
  • Domain management tools: enjoy the simplicity of a single account while managing multiple domains and sites.
  • Register and set up domains from your own Web-based control panel.
  • Upload, rename, and delete multiple signpost sites.
  • View your current billing statement online anytime.
  • Fastest and simplest setup ever.

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